Santa Faustina Homestay Tours

Santa Faustina Homestay Tours

The goal of a stay at Santa Faustina Homestay is for travellers to experience as much local culture as possible. In addition to participating in the Kiribati activities of daily life, local Kiribati tours are available in order for visitors to learn more about the history and culture of the island. The host family is happy to organise the following Tarawa activities (for an extra fee):

-Taratai Village: The former site of British administration during the colonial era, a visit to the site will teach visitors about the connection between canoeing and Kiribati culture. It is the place where the first ocean-going canoe was built. Visitors will hear the story about the old man who built and sailed the first canoe to Abemama Island and to Fiji.

- Swimming and Snorkelling: A beach islet in the middle of the lagoon is the perfect spot for swimming and snorkelling.

- Biketawa islet: The site is now being used as a getaway. It was the place where Pacific Forum Leaders had a retreat and signed the Te Biketawa Declaration in 2000.

- World War II Tour of Betio: Observe war relics at the site of the bloodiest battle in the Pacific.

- Individualised tours can be arranged according to visitors' needs and interests.

Santa Faustina Homestay Activities

Full immersion in the local culture means that there are plenty of daily activities to keep visitors busy during a stay at Santa Faustina Homestay. While staying at this unique Kiribati accommodation, travellers have the chance to learn about life in Kiribati through taking part in the daily household chores, and experiencing local Kiribati activities like:

- Learning how to sail a canoe

- Learning how to weave mats

- Learning how to make thatch

- Learning about traditional medicine

There is ample opportunity for relaxing, too, as the beach and ocean is a quick walk away!

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